Glacier Living with Sharks

By Josh, Sadie, Clair, Cherokee Elementary

Midday, on a glacier, Josh, Sadie, Clair, and Mary, 4 dolphins were one big happy family. They lived on top of the glacier and loved to ice skate, ski, and belly flop on the ice. It was the middle of global warming on a hot day and the family was fat from eating too much food. They went to belly flop onto their glacier, but the ice was melted from the heat and they all fell through. It made them scared. They were worried they wouldn’t get out. Josh said, “With all this worrying, I’m getting hungry!” Sadie said, “We can’t get food because we can’t get out of this hole, and you eat too much!” For a long time, they sat there and worried about their lives. But a shark smelled the dolphins and bit through the glacier into the hole. Mary said “Get out of here you beast, we have food to eat!” and kicked the shark. The shark drowned and they swam out the hole the shark made. They had a big feast of tiger shark as Josh gnawed through its guts. The End.