Gobby Gets His Freedom

By Jocelyn, Jaretzi, Jada, Joshua, Camar, Emi , Erie Charter School

Setting: the circus, 1955 (Feb 27)

Once there was a goblin named Gobby. He was part of the circus. Gobby has stone for skin. His skin is as rough as a rock and a brick. Gobby loves to swim and splash around in pools and in the ocean. He works so much at the circus. He works 48 million hours every day at the circus. They never let him take a break so he never has time to swim. Some days he doesn’t even have time to go eat. He’s a pickle in a jar. One day he decides he’s had enough and escapes through the vents and goes to the ocean. He tries to swim but he can’t for too long because he’s as heavy as a rock!! He feels like he’s 1 million pounds.So he thumps to a sorcerer’s house and makes the ground shake as loud as an elephant and a garbage truck. Once he gets there he asks her for help and she gives him a potion made out of lotion that makes him into a regular goblin with regular skin. He takes it and within 2 milliseconds his skin becomes as soft as a pillow and as light as a feather. He zooms to the ocean and plunges into the water and swims all the way to Navy Pier. The End. PS he quit his job.