I Hope I See Him Again

By Gabrielle C., 5th Grade, Henry Suder School
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One day I meet this boy at the movies. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. He was fine, sexy, adorable, wonderful. It was so much I had to say. I knew he was the one. My friend Tenisha asked him did he want to go with me he said yea he asked what was my name I said Re-Re. Then he asked how old I were that really caught me. I said 13. Now he asked for my phone number and I said 1-800 talk to you later. And I ran. But after all he caught me by the car he asked if I was really 13. I told the truth that I was 12 years old. I had to tell him because it was hurting me inside. So he said OK because he was really 12.  So I found out that it is no reason to lie. Because someone might be the same age as you. Or have the same problem. The End. *I Hope I See Him Again*