Jonny’s Last Day

By Naomi D, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorer's Academy

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jonny.  He loved to play baseball.  One day he got in trouble for wasting all the money on a baseball game.  One day his mother called him down and said “Jonny.”  He said “Yes.”  She said “Go to the candy store and buy one of those big hearts that are made out of a pig.”  Jonny hated eating that.  His mom gave him the money.  Jonny went to the candy store.  When he looked out the window, he saw a baseball game.  Jonny told the lady “Never mind.”  So Jonny went to eh baseball game and wasted all of his money on it.  Jonny thought:  “Oh, no.  The candy.  Mom is going to be mad.”  Jonny said that he could just tell her he got robbed.  While Jonny was walking home, he saw a dead big.  He told himself that he could just take out he the heart from the pig.  So he did that.  When he went home, he gave the heart to his mom.  HE ran upstairs and went on his computer.  He heard a voice say:  “Jonny, give me back my heart.”  He said:  “Who is that?” Then, it said it again: “Jonny, give me back my heart.”  His mother called him down for dinner.  He didn’t want to eat.  When Jonny went down to get orange juice, he saw everyone eating the heart.  He was sick to his stomach.  He went back upstairs and got ready to go to bed.  In the middle of the night, he heard:
“Jonny, give me back my heart, I’m three blocks away from your house.”
“Jonny, give me back my heart, I’m two blocks away from your house.”
“Jonny, give me back my heart, I’m one block away from your house, I want my heart back.”
Jonny was really scared.
“Jonny, I’m on your house steps.”
“Jonny, I opened the door and now I’m walking up the stairs.”
“Jonny, I’m by your room door.  I want my heart back.”
“Jonny, I’m by your bed, I have to tell you something…........
OINK….I want my heart back!”
To be continued.