By Belen R, Ceasar M, Michael H, Andre V, and Yaret S.,, 2nd Grade, Orchard Place
That's Weird, Grandma

There was once a little Chihuahua who pretended that he was normal, but his owners didn’t know that he was a
superhero! They thought he was afraid of coyotes. The Chihuahua is named Kathy. Kathy is at home alone when
coyotes break in, they know karate, and are ready to fight. Kathy fights the coyotes when her family comes home.
They were parking in their garage, and hear the noises and they think that Kathy is having a party. When they go
inside, they see the fighting and the wife faints because her little Chihuahua is a superhero! They are so surprised .
Coyotes try to get the family. Kathy jumps in front of the family, the coyote plants a bomb. The family helps
Kathy fight. They throw the bomb using a shovel, and the coyotes explode! They live happily ever after, and the
coyotes never came back!