Long Lived the Two Friends

By Sylvia W., 4th Grade, Chalmers
That's Weird, Grandma

Once there were two friends they were the sadest people in Louisville Elementary School there name were Mark and Jake they said “How come other kid get what they want!” And they dreamed of sky diving one day out of the biggest plane in the world. and when they were 14 they got only 2 dollars to go to the store. Mark said “that’s not fare because we got only 2 dollars.” They let 18 years pass By then they reach 20! they made the most money any rich person could ever had. they looked at each other and said a promise to each other they said “we will always be friends.” They bought a plane and a pilot. The strapped themselves on a parachute and they flew down quickly. And the let out the parachute and they landed in an icy river. And they said “we will live forever and they lived forever they did the most fun things they could ever do. And they bought a lot of clothes from the mall on North riverside they bought a million shoes. They lived happily ever after.