Lost and Found

By Shondale, Jaliyah, Jocelyne, Dejannie, Shunta, Messiah, Dierra, and Juwuan, Kohn Elementary

Once upon a time, there was a man having tea with his mother, and his brother told him his wife was missing.  He started freaking out and he left his mother and brother and went to look for his wife in the desert.  He didn’t know it was a trap.  She was a secret agent who was tricking him with a trap.  He followed the trail, but his wife wasn’t there.  It turns out, he had a lot of money and gold, and she was trying to hill him for the money.  Once he fell over her trap, he saw his wife on a camel.  She tried to run away, but he followed her, but it was too hot, so he fell down.  She came back, took the man’s money and moved to New York and gave herself the name Shunta.  And she lived happily ever after after with all that money in her pocket.  But her husband was sad that he got robbed.