Love Is Romantic

By Marcel H., Burnham Anthony School
Holidays Valentine's Day That's Weird, Grandma

One time there was a man named Maritien that always worked he never made time to do stuff. Until he found this lovely lady name Marie. They had so much stuff in common they had in common was drawing, work all day, play jokes, singing, and soccer, and play very great video games. One day they decided to go on a nice and romantic date were no ones there were they can see a sea a birds flying and fish and boats floating and some wear they could be alone and have a great time. Three weeks after it he wanted them to go on their on boat were there were alone he asked her could he marry her she cried and said yes I will. Two months after that they a real wedding. They had one son and one daughter his name was Mark. Her name was Marian they lived haply ever after until they died. The end.