Monica’s Special Christmas Eve

By Freda H, 4th Grade, South Loop Elementary School
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Monica. Monica was in first grade and was very bad at geography. One day she received a letter from Santa. It said:

Dear Monica,

You are invited to a party at my workshop. On the night of Christmas Eve, a reindeer will pick you up. But, you have to tell the reindeer where to go.


PS. There is an indoor swimming pool which is pretty warm.

“Wow, I must pack warm clothes and a swimsuit,” Monica said. During the middle of Christmas Eve she heard a bell ringing. “That must be Santa’s reindeer,” Monica said. Monica dressed up and got onto a sleigh. “Now which way shall we go,” the reindeer asked. “My teacher told us to memorize South is up, East is left, North is down and West is right, so we have to go South which is up.” It took a long time to get to Santa’s workshop because Monica got all mixed up. When they finally arrived the party was already over. “I missed the party,” Monica sobbed. “I saved some toys and a piece of cake for you.” “Yay,” Monica cheered.