Our Definition of Peace

By Shiloh, Emma, Val, Reid, Everett, Sebastian, Betty, Ethan, David, Krystal, Eric, Joel, Alec, Weipeng, Sophie, and Philip, Lincoln Park Words@Play Program
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Peace looks like the calm before the storm (Shiloh)
        like the steam off of my morning bowl of oatmeal (Emma)

Peace smells like chicken noodle soup from the microwave (Val)
        like the bottom of a new gym shoe (Reid)
        like a flower shop with all different scents of flowers in it (Everett)

Peace tastes like a cheesey pizza that when you take a bit it will take you to a cheesey world (Sebastian)
        like fresh-baked cookies straight from the oven (Betty)
        like eating scrambled eggs at a night party (Ethan)

Peace sounds like my papa’s stories from around the world (David)
        like a violin playing back music for all the happy moments in your life (Krystal)

Peace feels like the unknown, the smoke seeping out from underneath the door (Eric)
        like water splashing around my feet (Joel)
        like you gave a poor person $1,000 (Alec)
        like a spring breeze blowing at your face while relaxing in a fuzzy and cozy hammock (Weipeng)
        like meditation and sleeping (Sophie)
        like soft, warm fur and tiny heartbeats (Philip)

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