Pretty Girl & Pretty Girl Sister

By Alysia T. & Niya S., 5th Grade, Agassiz
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Setting: at a mall

Pretty girl: my name is pretty girl
Pretsy girl: I’m pretty girl’s twin sister pretsy girl
Pretty girl: sometimes we say the same things at the same time
Pretsy girl: sometimes we get rilly mad at each other because we don’t agree on things.
(at the same time): we agreed on going to bath and body works
Pretty girl: we decided to buy each other something and we ending up getting the same thing.
Presty girl: we have separate rooms and sometimes even come out wearing the same thing.
Pretty girl: we don’t like the same food
Presty girl: I like salad.
Pretty girl: I like fruit
(at the same time): I like fruit salad (laughing)
Pretsy girl: we also like hand claps (starts playing hand claps)