Queen Victoria’s Account of the Mystery of Lady Elizabeth

By Libby P, Loyola Park After School Program

I walked out from my palace to catch a carriage to go to a famous restaurant. I can’t recall the name now but as I walked through the door it was not as fancy as I had hoped but still fancy. I was greeted by Lady Elizabeth. She had said, “My husband seems to be missing at this time and would otherwise be here to greet you as well. I believe he is in the kitchen maybe helping prepare the food just for your presence.” She wore a sickingly yellow dress that made me wonder who her tailor was so I can make sure I stay far, far, far away I couldn’t be seen wearing something like that. The guests started complaining about the food saying it was a little off so as you might guess I was starting to get nervous. Because my food had not been served yet. Just then out of the midst of the banter of the room came a shriek. I of course had just eaten my food and was thirsty so I had just taken a sip from my glass so it surprised me greatly and I almost spat it out. But the cry of distress seemed to come from a customer who was just about to take a sip of soup when she saw a ghastly sight, an eyeball in her soup. Imagine finding some thing off of a living person in something you wish to consume. I would not only scream and shout I would sue! But later after the commotion had died down I went to the kitchen to inspect! But as I walked in there was more commotion. But instead with the police! A cook fully in uniform had handcuffs and was almost in tears. I almost felt bad! Lady Elizabeth was sobbing and as I looked around I saw a head. The End.