Setting: Ocean

By Jose H., 4th Grade, Little Village
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Characters: Layla secret spy, Will talking dog
Setting: Ocean
L: We need to get to the ocean to get the diamond that you told me about. (serious)
W: Okay! But I kinda do not know how to swim. (little nervous)
L: Now at least we’re at the ocean.
W: But how are we I mean you gonna get underwater?
L: I know we can rent a boat. And you are not going with me.
W: What! I don’t know how to swim okay. (serious)
L: But you better tie me to the Boat for I cannot drown.
W: I tide you now dive, dive, dive.
L: Will I found the treasure chest. It is a a a a stuffed dog.
W: I am going to pull you up. Okay. (worried)
L: You lied, you lied it was just a stuffed dog.
W: Ooops! (sad)