Sprite and The Customer

By Bentrell & Odie, 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Setting: Burger King
Characters: Customer and Sprite
C: Can i drink you
S: No sir
C: yes i can drink you
S: No You can’t drink me!
C: i Ben staring at you all day!
S: So wait another day
C: i want to drink you right now!
S: to Bad to sad
C: O Well i am still going to drink you!
S: you can try but i’ll open this can and pour it down your pant’s
C: that is very rude of you
S: Drink the coke.
C: i don’t like coke like that
S: Do you like sausages
C: No i do not like sausages. I like sprite
S: I am telling you do not drink me because i put poison in her
C: i am still going to get drink you
S: Ok but i am still going to drink you.
The End.