Super-Significant Shawn

By Rashawn W., Burnham Anthony School
Superheroes Songs That's Weird, Grandma

What’s your Superhero?
What are your Superpowers?
To clone myself in numbers such as 8 trillion,
Meat vision (put your ray on the plate and you have meat),
Shopping senses.
What is your weakness?
My weakness is authority, no money
Who is your nemesis?
Mighty and Dino Dad.
Mighty has authority and Dino Dad doesn’t give out money. They tell him to go in his room and give no allowance.

He made them feel sad for awhile. Super-Significant-Shawn made a point of them destroying the world. Mighty and Dino Dad were trying to make every kid go to their room and do hours and hours of homework. He gives all the kids candy to snap them out of Mighty and Dino Dad’s trance. After that he makes kids go shopping so Might Mom and Dino Dad couldn’t get to them and Super-Significant-Shawn took down Dino-Dad by taking all his money and giving 20 dollars to all kids who went shopping and took the rest for himself. The money that Super-Significant Shawn got from Dino Dad made up for the shopping spree that Dino-Dad and Mighty Mom promised to take him on. He took down Mighty Mom. He thought about a time when she wasn’t authoritative to someone else and remind her of that and with that he guilted her out of being authoritative and they were forced to buy a video now and give juice box for Super Significant Shawn for Christmas.