By Eathan, Pierre, Tyshawn, Trevon, Kaylani, Delilah, 4th Grade, Morton School of Excellence

Here lies Texmas, the Santa Claus of Texas. He gave us presents and dry cookies with the most delicious spoiled milk every two months. His Texas oil helped the people power their cars on. He danced like a gazelle that would make clouds rain spoiled milk. The people would flood the streets to drink the milk. The story goes that he will return every 20 years to seek revenge on the Texans who killed him but for now… We bury him in his flowery carriage. Merry Texmas!

20 years later he came to seek revenge on those who killed him. He got the first one and took him to his carriage. He had no arms or legs and he begged for mercy but Texmas said “No you have to pay, so no way.” He got the last one, but he got away. He will have to wait 20 years but Texmas got his arm. Texmas said “You got away but that is okay. You still have to pay.” THE END