The Three Stooges Back in Business

By Micahel, Kaylan, Shkiyra, Anthony, Darnell, Lauren, Maya, Nathaniel, Marshae, 6th Grade, Dewey School of Excellence

Once upon a time, there were the three stooges. They were best friends, so they decided to live together. They loved nature and wanted to have their own stuff so they bought a barn in Lucille Mountain in the year 3010. Moe, Tyrone, and Curly tried to raise money for their barn. It is old and near the edge of the mountain so it is about to fall off. They have a comedy fundraiser. Tyrone says “Comedy fundraiser right here”. They don’t have enough money. So they have to sell some stuff. They decide to sell Curly masks. Curly feels great because his face is everywhere. Vegetable Painting. They make enough money & Curly becomes famous. Tyrone & Moe become famous too because they are his acquaintances. Tyrone is jealous of Curly’s fame, so they get into an argument. Curly pushed Tyron into Moe which made Moe kick him down the stairs. Tyrone hits his head so hard that he goes into a coma. Tyrone loses his memory. He never wakes up until 1000 years. Moe & Curly went back to the barn & it got too old & fell on them.
1000 years later…
Moe & Curly are dead. Tyrone is the same as he was. He finds himself a job. He becomes a lawyer.
Then 1 year later he dies. They all meet in Heaven & have the same problems. Moe & Tyrone are still holding their grudges about Curly’s fame. Tyrone pays God to bring him back to life & go back in time. Moe & Curly’s children live in a village where mostly women live. Tyrone happens to go to the same village because he’s looking for a wife. He gets married & adores the children so that they will become famous. He doesn’t know it be he adopted Moe & Curly’s children. They find out who each other are. Tyrone loves his children and lets go of his grudge and they all live happily ever after. The End.