The Date Was Messy

By Carron, Kianna, LaTricia, Antoine, 4th Grade, Henderson School

Julia lived in New York City.  She was born in California.  She came to New York for College.  She stayed with her Grandma Liz.  Josh Christopher Drake was her date.  She met him in Math class.  They were work buddies.  And he was her neighbor.  On Friday night, she wanted to have makeup, a wonderful dress, she had to get her hair did and she needed to get her some grey high heels, earrings and perfume.  She was late because getting all that.  When she got there, he looked messy, he had paint on his clothes, gym shoes everywhere the walls was spray painted.  Julia felt furious and sad.  “Look I did all this for nothing! I thought you was a clean boy.”  Josh was embarrassed.  She broke up with him.  Josh said:  “Why you dumping me? Cuz I’m messy? I was working! Hold up…I’m going to clean up.”  Three hours later, he came down.  He looked handsome.  Julia as impressed and happy.  They ate a little turkey with a big old plate and big mashed potatoes and a glass of wine called apple bubbly.  That’s when they fell in love.  They got married.  The end.

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