The Evil Kangaroo

By Emilio G., 5th Grade, Loyola Park After School Program

Once upon a time in 1212 BC and now in the middle of the ocean there was a city named Freeopolis that no one knew about.  Everyone was happy until Professor Wiggems built an experiment on kangaroos.  It went completely wrong.  The kangaroo escaped and destroyed the city, then when there’s no hope left it’s to be continued…
The island sinks and the kangaroo finds a boat.  He travels to Africa and sees a butterfly.  He first feels warm inside, then munch-crunch yum!  He struggles for food.  Then he discovers there are power cards that make him stronger.  He found out there was six.  He already got the first one of evilibility.  He travels two million miles looking for the card.  He finds the card in a close 100 miles.  He’s only five hundred yards away but the rest of the way is on water.  He swims half way.  He grabs the card and he he he…
Got extreme mind control.  He grew five feet long.  He practiced his power.  He picked up a tree and threw it to the ocean.  He was ready.  He floated toward the ocean.  He traveled half way and forgot he can float over the water.  So he traveled halfway to Brenenopolis and he forgot it sank to the middle of the ocean.  So he found a place with weird reptile things.  He senses his third power card about five hundred miles, 2,222 yards up the sky and it is just a matter of time til til til ahhhhhh….
He gets fangs.  And not just big fangs, BIG size, like the size of Professor Wiggem’s wife’s toenails.  And they were poisonous like Professor Wiggem’s wife’s cooking and as sharp as Professor Wiggem’s wife’s ears.  Okay, you might not want to listen to Professor Wiggem’s wife all day.  So he can’t fly to over twenty feet over the ground so he falls down.  When he landed he looked at his tail and one of the five lines disappeared.  Those were his lives.  Then he found a T-Rex biting his toenail.  So he took his fangs and bit through the T-Rex’s heart and crunch crunch crunch.  Some say dinosaurs got killed from asteroid, others ice age.  But instead evil kangaroo ate them all except for three dinosaurs and one egg.  To be continued.
He killed the third one and he found his fifth power card and he got the power to space.  He tried it out but he banged his head on Jupiter and fell back down and he was nauseas for weeks, Professor Wiggem’s wife.  When she eats grass or when she wakes up head first in the toilet…Oh that’s enough about Professor Wiggem’s wife for now, so Kangzilla still lies there crazy from the bump Ahhhh!