The Mystery Glasses

By Alicjak (Kaja) V., Loyola Park After School Program
That's Weird, Grandma

One day a girl walk in the forest. She saw her friends. She played tag. Her glasses fell down the puddle. She did not know that it fell. When she got home her mom said what happen to your glasses. What! Are you sure is there Nop! Oh no. Where did you go. To the forest. Then go back to the forest. The next day her mom called the janitor to find the missing glasses. So when she went to the forest the janitor saw footsteps then he took her foot and it was the same size. Then he followed the footsteps. When he got closer then he saw mud the same footsteps. Then he got to a muddy puddle then put his hands in the puddle. He felt something he grabbed it he found the glasses. Then she kissed him on the cheek then he fainted. In the night he woke up and said what am I doing here then he walked home.
The End?