The Old Woman That Didn’t Have Friends

By Jesus, Julio, Tomas, Carolina, Xochitl, Vanessa, Yesenia, 4th Grade, Little Village Academy
Holidays Halloween That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was an old lady that lived in a boat house. Her names was Ashley. On Halloween she always scared the people. She scared them because she was old and everybody thought she was a witch. And every night she knocked on people’s door because she didn’t have friends. The people thought she was mean and told her to get out of their property! Then in Halloween a boy came to her house and she turned him into a frog. So the boy’s sister came to look for him in the old lady’s boat house. But then Ashley turned the sister into a frog because she loved frogs! Finally another old lady named Cindy came to ask Ashley to be her friend because she didn’t have any friends either. So they became friends and Ashley turned the frogs back into children. The children also became friends with Ashley.