The Reporter and the Crazy Vets

By Maria, Cynthia, Alexandria, Christian, Camila, Ingrid, Orchard Place

Once upon a time there was a woman that tells the weather, and sometimes bad news. Then she brings her dog to the forest for a walk, but then it got dark outside. They were so scared! They see a vet. The vet says, “I will drink your dog’s blood!” Then the reporter is very scared and the vet takes her dog. The reporter takes a rock and throws it at the vet who drops the leash of her dog and runs away. The reporter takes her dog. She finds her way home, she writes down what she remembers about the vet and looks him up on the computer. The vet is part of a group of bad vets, who drink animals’ blood. She talks about it on the news and police go to the forest. The vets want to drink the police dog’s blood, but the police win! They capture them and they die.