Untitled Dialogue (Fire Gal and Aqua Gal)

By Bella D. and Taylor G., Loyola Park After-School Program

Characters: Aqua Gal and Fire Gal
Setting: the Beach

Aqua Gal: Why do I have to see you here?

Fire Gal: Did you follow me here? I don’t like you.

Aqua Gal: I’m not going to tell if I followed you. Why would I?

Fire Gal: How would you like it if I hurt you? It would be fun.

Aqua Gal: Yeah right, how would you like it if I hurt you?

Fire Gal: Really how would you hurt me? And I would still beat you.

Aqua Gal: Just because I’m little doesn’t mean you can tease me.

Fire Gal: So it looks like you can protect yourself.

Aqua Gal: I can’t believe you’re my sister. It’s just not fair.

Fire Gal: Well just get over it. You have to live with me anyway.

Aqua Gal: You think you can control me but you can’t either way it goes.

Fire Gal: If I hurt you don’t go crying to Mom.

Aqua Gal: Well with one scream and one cry you will be out of the house.