Vampire Kiss

By Keashaunda, Chalmers School of Excellence

Once upon a blood there was a young 1700 year old girl named Suzen.  She went to a high school called Blood Bites.  She went there for about 500 thousand years and she met a human.  He wasn’t just human he was goth.  She never saw a human like that before in her Ghoulie life.  She went fly her ghoul friend and then she showed her who he was and Fifi said that a human.  She said yeah I know ghoul and Fifi said you have to tell everyone to bite him and Suzen said “No! I like humans.  I will bite him myself when I want and she flew behind him and said Hi I’m Suzen.  What’s your name.  He said Rotney and she said you’re new aren’t you Rotney says yeah first day.  Suzen says well would you like to go to the park later.  Rotney says Col what time.  8:05 and Rotney says I’m only 17 I have curfew.  Suzen and Suzen brings a drink that was red and she told him to drink it and he fell asleep and she took some the blood in the cup and kiss his neck with the blood and sinked her teeth in his neck and took his blood and Rotney woke up in the bed pale white.  The End.