Wendy, Nancy, Josselyn

By Wendy G., Cleveland School
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

W: Hi Nancy, how are you?
N: Hi I’m fine, and you?
W: I’m fine too.
N:  What are you doing here?
W: Nothing just walking around the mall.
W: And you?
N: I’m looking for a beautiful dress because I’m going to a wedding on Friday.
W:  Really!
N: Oh!  I forgot to tell you that it’s our best friend wedding.
W: Uh-ha, and who is she?  (asking angry)
N: It’s Josselyn’s wedding.
W: Why didn’t she envited me too? Huh?
N: I don’t know!
N: You know what I’ll call her and ask her why didn’t she envite you. OK.
W: OK. See you tomorrow because I got to go. OK.
Narrator: Next day Wendy was walking in the park.
J: Hi Wendy