Where does the Dancing Cow Go?

By Aisya, Loyola Park Blue

Have you ever dreamed of sailing a ship to the stars? Or meeting a mermaid that swims through the sky? You might think these are all childish dreams, but they are the work of the dancing cow.

The dancing cow is the one who gives you the best adventures. Have you ever had a tea party with mermaids? Or had a dance off with a Fairy? Yes, yes you have! You just don’t remember any of these things, because you wake up.

First you sail to the land of adventure. Remember anything can happen in a dream. You will sail with 3 little men, called the Oooooh men. They will take you to the land of adventure. From there, the dancing cow does his magic. Only the chosen ones could even get a glimpse of the dancing cow!

Where does he go, you ask? Now that’s a question to think about! Why the sudden interest in the dancing cow? Have I intrigued you? There’s a ship called the Flying Betty. Ever heard of it? No you haven’t! That’s the dancing cow’s flying ship. It collects lightning to the DREAMER’S WOROKSHOP.

That’s where the people manufacture your dreams and thoughts. Now, go rest, and meet the dancing cow.