White House

By India G., 3rd Grade, Sherman School of Excellence

Setting: In Chicago 1998
Characters: India, 21, Doctor and gets $700 Blue cheese a week, Ms Davis

Ms Davis: Oh No India I lost the $700 you gave me
India: Don’t worry, I got you I have money in my pocket. I bought the white house. I kicked Donald Trump out
Ms Davis: I’m so glad I live in the white house with India and Hillary Clinton.
HC: We’re gonna get us a hot tub and kittens.
India: lets Break up the house with a gate for Dogs and Cats. So they dont kill each other. Cause you know how animals are.
(everyone nods) (1999)
Steph: (sees New girl) Heeyy
Mary: Hey Didn’t I see you in Alabama
Steph: Ya Girl I Did Let’s Be friends (hug)
Steph & Mary: Hey India
India: Hey lets go out to eat. Its on me 5 stars
The End.