Attack of the Onomatopoeias!

By Lucas, Loyola Park After School Program

Attack of the Onomatopoeias!
Once upon a time there was a place called Simile-ville. It was a peaceful place. In Winter it was as cold as a freezer. In Spring it was as beautiful as cherry blossoms! In Summer, ‘twas as hot as a boiler! And in Fall it was as orange as a tangerine! Until one day the onomatopoeias attacked! The inhabitants, the smilers, were unarmed and untrained for battle and lost the first fight.

Attack of the Onomatopoeias!
Chapter 2: Defence
The next day, some traders came and thought, “Oh no!” These guys are under siege! We know some people who might help!” So the men went and found their friends who were experienced fighters and the smilers and the traders joined forces. The End