The Orphan Girl

By Juliza, McPherson Elementary

Once in an orphanage in 1935, there were many orphans. The two best friends, Ellie and Leah went to play outside. Ellie and Leah had a big imagination. That day Ellie and Leah were pretending to look for lost treasure. Ellie started digging until her shovel hit something. “Do you think we found real treasure?” said Leah. Ellie cleared of the dirt from the thing. “Mia Blake, 1873 - 1885” Ellie said. “Thats weird…” Leah said. It was time for bed so Leah and Ellie went back inside. In the middle of the night Ellie and Leah woke up to tapping on the window. The saw a girl, a little older than them. “My name is Mia Blake. I died in this orphanage 50 years ago in a fire. Now it is all your turn!” The girl disappeared and a fire started “Everyone wake up! FIRE!” Everyone ran out of the orphanage in time. The girls and all the other orphans were safe but Leah and Ellie were cursed forever.
The End.