By Destiny W., 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Once while I was at home in the room with my momma and siblings we was Just watching a scary movie in my mommas room on her bed and the horror movie was called (well I don’t want to say it) and this movie have been stuck in my head for years, months, and days I can’t get it out (I wish I could) the horror movie gave me nightmares all night but I win still say It the movie was called… “candyman” that is the most scariest movie I ever in my life watched no matter how many times I do stuff It is still stuck up in my head I need to pray to god that It won’t be in my head when Im 24 years old I cant get It out! I’m going to scream and cry It is Just to scary for me (even though I love horror movies) I hate It It is the worstest horror movie I ever ever ever! Watched I need to get It out my head he’s stuck in my head I cant I repeat I cant get It out It’s like glue stuck in my brain I want it out now! It is Just too much for me! My mom even hates it. The End.