Superman and His Baby

By Lashar W., 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Once there was a boy and a man named Lashsar and superman. One day they were going to the nike store but Oh no! It was superman’s evil villain so we walked away. We were in Chicago. Superman was madder than a kangaroo kicking you, so superman went back to the nike shop. Lashar told him to walk away from the fight Superman didn’t listen. Superman was a stubborn koala. He had a baby on the way. He named his baby supermaaan Junior! The villain also had a sidekick Robert and he also had a baby on the way.
Superman is excited so Robin show up and Lashar was happy that Robin was there so the Babies have been in the world now superman was crying so was batman then Batman and superman went out to eat and Batman hands were as smooth as a Baby Butt they were so happy for superman. To Be Continued.