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Stories that have been made into podcasts.

Lost Mouth

By Enrique, Loyola Park After School Program

One day a boy name Willy but he never like to share but some came to him and said you share or have no mouth. But he never listen to his Mom who said “can I get some of your chips” but he said “no.” The next day he look at himself he saw that he had no mouth. He was cry. Then he start to share and the next day he got his mouth and start to share more. THE END.

I Need to Use the Bathroom

By Michael and Alexis, 4th Grade, McPherson Elementary

Setting: In the Pool in the Day
Characters: Floor, Water
F: uhh water (worried)
W: Yah
F: I need to use the Bathroom! (Scared)
W: What do you mean (worried)
F: I mean that I about to pee (worried)
W: Well just go and use it (clam)
F: but I can’t go anywhere (scared)
W: What! (angry)
F: uh water I just used it. (Super duper scared)
W: NOOOOOOOOOO! (Super Angry)
F: I’m so sorry
W: Really you just peed on me (turning red)
The End.

The Twisted Trumpet

By Imani, 6th Grade, Erie Charter School

One day a man named billy Bod was the most famous trumpet 60s player ever. One day his trumpet Broke! It snapped in half because he Blew it to hard! So then he saw this really ugly lady that had a long witch nose. He said do you have a trumpet I can have? She said “Yes” he paid 50 g’s and he got it when it was his Big concert the trumpet glew and misshaped itself when ever he played he started playing terrible and he got kicked out of the studio! Then he went to his wife and she said I’m leaving you! He cried and cried until he was 110 years old he died of heart stroke and then he was getting good at the thing he knew best playing the trumpet! And people can still hear the music till this day. The End.


By Injil, 5th Grade, Dixon Elementary School

It was a cold night. Rained poured puddles and sleet slid off ceilings from yesterday. I wonder with a sad sorrow sulking voice, “Do igloos imitate iguanas or impress ice?” I wandered off in my mind, sad as a shrew on a Sunday with no sunflower seeds. I was wearing a bashful baby blue, crying operas of sad body language. Tears fumbled down my posters of people’s postured and pasteurized face. All left was gloom, sadder than a dog caught destroying and damaging D-Rose sneakers. Captain Crunch was Captain Crud. Cocoa Puffs were Blank Puffs. And Fruit Loops was Gloom Rings. My piano weeped and guitar wined and trombone whimpered. I was a sad moon, wanting to shine but no sun reflection to do so. Drowned in doom and gloom, no life in my room, stale hay on my broom, sad depressed mushrooms, string and yarn too bummed to be loomed. Soon, the daylight and flowers began to bloom. My piano sang, my guitar talked soothingly, and my trombone whistled. The moon peeked from the sky, & the sun brought it out. Life listened and learned, and lived lively for life in my room. Shame shimmed on. The End.

Glacier Living with Sharks

By Josh, Sadie, Clair, Cherokee Elementary

Midday, on a glacier, Josh, Sadie, Clair, and Mary, 4 dolphins were one big happy family. They lived on top of the glacier and loved to ice skate, ski, and belly flop on the ice. It was the middle of global warming on a hot day and the family was fat from eating too much food. They went to belly flop onto their glacier, but the ice was melted from the heat and they all fell through. It made them scared. They were worried they wouldn’t get out. Josh said, “With all this worrying, I’m getting hungry!” Sadie said, “We can’t get food because we can’t get out of this hole, and you eat too much!” For a long time, they sat there and worried about their lives. But a shark smelled the dolphins and bit through the glacier into the hole. Mary said “Get out of here you beast, we have food to eat!” and kicked the shark. The shark drowned and they swam out the hole the shark made. They had a big feast of tiger shark as Josh gnawed through its guts. The End.

My Bugatti

By Angelo, 4th Grade, McPherson Elementary

Once upon a time I had a bugatti. It cost $1,000,000,000 I was so rich! My bugatti was blue, my favorite color! One day I went to drive around people said WOW! What a nice car a kid said I was really happy for his compliment. He even told me have a good day sir. I was amazed for his respectful kid! The End. Then one day I got into a car incident I WAS SO ANGRY! ALL THAT money for nothing! The real end.

The Breakin Phone

By Michelle, Chalmers School of Excellence

One day I got a pink phone because my dad said if I get all A B on my report card I get a phone. So my dad buy me a phone. Then one day I went with my friends lil mama, duk duk, and Tamika and we were playing tag and when I were running from my friend lil mama my phone drop out my coat and it break and it crack like boom boom. Then I told my dad what had happened and I told him when I told him I feel scared because I thought that he was to be like a bear mad at me because he spent 300 dollars a lot of money. But he was not mad at me he told me he was going to buy me a new phone. I were very happy like someone that got a lot of money. Then I went back and playing with my friends lil mama, duk duk, and Tamika. The End.

The Girl and The Panda

By Ava, Julia, Preston, Caitlin, 4th Grade, Cherokee Elementary

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily who wanted a red panda stuffed animal. She was at the store and her parents were shopping for tennis balls for their tennis tournament. She saw the red panda stuffed animal & asked her parents for it. They said “You don’t need another, you already have too many.” “You can have one of the tennis balls we are getting.” She throws it on the ground because she was so mad. It bounces and breaks a light. She storms off. She goes into the parking lot and gets lost. She sees a sign for a red panda in another store. She finds two $5 bills in the street and uses it to buy the stuffed panda. Her parents find her and yell at her for going behind their back. Then they return it. They say they didn’t buy it for her because they’re saving for a flight for the tennis tournament. A week later at the tennis tournament in Florida, her parents win! They use some of their prize money to get Lilly the panda. She is so excited that she faints. The End.

Under the Sea

By Robbie I, Columbia Explorer's Academy

Once upon a time there is a lonely fish named Puffy he lives in the Atlantic Ocean. They were mean to him because he was a puffer fish. The three eels loves to eat puffer fish. Hey lets bully that puffer fish and eat him. But then he puffed and puffed until he looked like a balloon with spikes. The eels were afraid of the fish Puffy and never eat him again and the other fishes wanted to be his friend because he is the strongest, scariest fish in the ocean.

UNTITLED (Wonder Woman & Heinz Date)

By Madison S. & Teresa N., Hearts to Art Summer Camp

Characters: Perry the Platypus, Wonder Woman, and Heinz Doufensmirtz
Settings: Pizza parlor in New York City

(Wonder Woman and Heinz Doufensmirtz are on a date in a pizza parlor in New York City. )
H: I’m so glad we could finally do this. It’ll make my ex-wife so jealous. 

W: Yeah, sure. (WW gives an unsure look). How will this whole thing work out though. I’m good, You’re evil. 

H: Well, Two opposites attract. The moment I first saw you, I knew. It was real. 

(Perry sneaks up on HD, trying to talk to him.)

H: Perry! Not now! 

W: I’m sorry, what? 

H: Oh, nothing! See this is my arch-nemesis, Perry! He’s a platypus

W: (Gives a look like he’s crazy). Yeah. I can see that! The End.