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Stories that have been made into podcasts.

The Car Insurance Big Accident (Fart)

By Fernando, Michael, Jealiyah, Noah, Kayleen, Diego, David , 4th Grade, Erie Charter School

Once, Geico, un tigre lived in Nueva York en un Pizza Shop. Estaba viviendo y dice “Chomp chomp” a un giraffe, Diego. Then Diego rubbed his hands together and said “I wonder why it smells so bad?” Then another tigre comes to fight Geico for the Giraffe. They were two knights wearing armor and they took the armor to battle against each other. They fight for five days and then Geico got bit in the leg but in the end, Fernando came into the pizza shop with a giant Fart and weakened them. They all fell to the floor and they can’t breathe. They said “The fart is like an evil spirit.” In the very end he tried to escape the fart, but can’t make it so they covered their nose and stole a car. (Geico’s car - which saved him 15% or more on car insurance.) The End.

The Unknown Granddaughter

By Rayana, Dixon Elementary School

One day two grandparents John and Michelle Townerson wanted to look through pictures because they were getting old and wanted to remember memories. SO as they looked through pictures they came across a picture of their daughter Melinda and her husband Kyle Bollywood and their three children, one boy and two twins. The Townersons only knew about two of the grandchildren, the boy Kyle Jr. and one twin Jayla. The other twin looked creepy. “Who is this?” John said. “I don’t know, let’s call Melinda,” Michelle replied. “Hello Melinda this is your mother do you have twins?” “No Mom, at work, gotta go” Melinda said. “Then who is it!?” A girl from behind popped up behind them and startled them. “Ahh! Wait she looks like the girl in the picture!” “HI, I’M KONNY. My Mom said you can come over.” The two grandparents had a heart attack and died and the next family that moved in faced the photo terror also. THE END

Unicorn AKA A Horse

By Kecis, Poe Classical School
True Stories

So, when I was 3 or 4 I lived in Chicago I moved from Iowa. All my pets were there. I had a horse Lucy some Cows and chickens. Halloween came so I went back to Iowa. My horse was a UNICORN she was a part of my costume. So I rode her up and down the streets of Iowa. She got pets and treats. The people passing out candy gave her carrots. They thought I was so cute. That’s how I started riding horses around Iowa. So that not it she got applesauce and she had a really sparkly horn with glitter on her saddle and on her fur. My mom thinks I’m so weird because I’m addicted to Unicorns. The End.

Gobby Gets His Freedom

By Jocelyn, Jaretzi, Jada, Joshua, Camar, Emi , Erie Charter School

Setting: the circus, 1955 (Feb 27)

Once there was a goblin named Gobby. He was part of the circus. Gobby has stone for skin. His skin is as rough as a rock and a brick. Gobby loves to swim and splash around in pools and in the ocean. He works so much at the circus. He works 48 million hours every day at the circus. They never let him take a break so he never has time to swim. Some days he doesn’t even have time to go eat. He’s a pickle in a jar. One day he decides he’s had enough and escapes through the vents and goes to the ocean. He tries to swim but he can’t for too long because he’s as heavy as a rock!! He feels like he’s 1 million pounds.So he thumps to a sorcerer’s house and makes the ground shake as loud as an elephant and a garbage truck. Once he gets there he asks her for help and she gives him a potion made out of lotion that makes him into a regular goblin with regular skin. He takes it and within 2 milliseconds his skin becomes as soft as a pillow and as light as a feather. He zooms to the ocean and plunges into the water and swims all the way to Navy Pier. The End. PS he quit his job.

Horror At Key Lime Cove

By Justin, 4th Grade, Dewey School of Excellence

Once upon a time there was a horror hotel called Key lime cove. Me and my brother, couzin, Dad, step mom, little sister, we Didn’t read the sign it said horror inside so we went in And the Doors shut close. We didn’t know what was going on so we found the hotel room and got settled in. Then we went to the water resort inside key lime cove And me my couzin and brother was going on the slide And two octopuses asked to race. We made a deal if we lose we get eaten. If we win we can own the place. So we raced And we lose so soon we go down there, they mouth was open and we’ll fall in there And never came back and parents couldn’t find us. The End.

Attack of the Onomatopoeias!

By Lucas, Loyola Park After School Program

Attack of the Onomatopoeias!
Once upon a time there was a place called Simile-ville. It was a peaceful place. In Winter it was as cold as a freezer. In Spring it was as beautiful as cherry blossoms! In Summer, ‘twas as hot as a boiler! And in Fall it was as orange as a tangerine! Until one day the onomatopoeias attacked! The inhabitants, the smilers, were unarmed and untrained for battle and lost the first fight.

Attack of the Onomatopoeias!
Chapter 2: Defence
The next day, some traders came and thought, “Oh no!” These guys are under siege! We know some people who might help!” So the men went and found their friends who were experienced fighters and the smilers and the traders joined forces. The End

The Orphan Girl

By Juliza, McPherson Elementary

Once in an orphanage in 1935, there were many orphans. The two best friends, Ellie and Leah went to play outside. Ellie and Leah had a big imagination. That day Ellie and Leah were pretending to look for lost treasure. Ellie started digging until her shovel hit something. “Do you think we found real treasure?” said Leah. Ellie cleared of the dirt from the thing. “Mia Blake, 1873 - 1885” Ellie said. “Thats weird…” Leah said. It was time for bed so Leah and Ellie went back inside. In the middle of the night Ellie and Leah woke up to tapping on the window. The saw a girl, a little older than them. “My name is Mia Blake. I died in this orphanage 50 years ago in a fire. Now it is all your turn!” The girl disappeared and a fire started “Everyone wake up! FIRE!” Everyone ran out of the orphanage in time. The girls and all the other orphans were safe but Leah and Ellie were cursed forever.
The End.

Extreme Alien Party!

By Khalael, 4th Grade, Dixon Elementary School

Once upon a time there was an blue Alien named Blue-bow-bleep-blop. He was a blue as the ocean! One day he wanted to see his friends Khalael and Johanna. So he called them, and they were on their way! They had went to an alien party! It was Extreme! There were fly ships and I heard super car’s racing “vroom” “reerh” It felt like 100 billion years on that planet (even tho it was an hour). When we got back we were as sleepy as sloth’s and we were sleep for a whole day! The End.

Evil Devil Printer

By Ellen, 4th Grade, Peirce International School

Once I wanted to print a coloring sheet out on the computer. So I went to ask my Dad and he said “yes.” So I went to the computer and I picked a page, chose a size and pressed print. The printer made some weird noises and started shooting out paper! After shooting 20 pieces out I was scared. Some paper it printed the sheet and it was good. Two days later I went to print another image and it did the exact same thing again – except it shot out more. Me and my Dad are still trying to figure out what is wrong with it so I do not have any answers right now so THE END.

The Prince and Princess

By Ingrid D, 4th Grade, Little Village Academy

Setting: Castle
Prince: Hello princess where do you live?
Princess: Hello prince. I live in a castle. Where do you live?
Prince: I live in a castle too.
Princess: That’s awesome.
Prince: Do you want to go to my castle.
Princess: I love to but I have to tell my mom who is the queen and also my dad who is the king.
Prince: Okay I will wait for you.
(Talks to her parents)
Princess: Guess what
Prince: What
Princess: my parents said yes but I have to be careful.
Prince: I will protect you. Want to go out for dinner tonight.
Princess: I will love to.
Prince: I will pick you up at 6:00 okay.
Princess: Okay.
Prince: Would you like to be my wife?
Princess: I am so sorry but I am already marry and I have 2 girls. I am so sorry. I have to go.
Prince: Okay ☹
The End.