IRS Moles

By Ben L., 4th Grade, Hough Street School
Songs That's Weird, Grandma

Eeooo! The sirens rang throughout the city. Speakers popped out of buildings. “Run, the IRS Moles are coming” said the speakers. Everyone ran. They knew that moles would make them pay. “Come on” said Harold to his mother as they ran. “But the cookies” said his mother, “we need them.” “We’ll have to leave them” said Harold. “Dang” said his sister. “I say we fight back against this tax collecting” said Bob who was 2 and very smart. No one noticed. He hopped down from his mother and ran back to the house unnoticed by his family. Suddenly out the window he saw a bunch of Moles in tuxedos. “Those must be the IRS Moles” thought Bob. Abruptly one walked up to his house and knocked on the door. Bob found a ladder and opened the door. “You have taxes to pay” said the Mole. Now Bob may have been a genius but he didn’t know what you were supposed to pay taxes with. He knew that he had to give the Mole something, so he went to the cupboard and got some squishy canned peas. When the Mole saw the peas he screamed and ran for his life. Moles have a horrible allergy to squishy peas. All the people came back and told Bob he should be mayor. The only person who did not like this idea was the current mayor. But nobody cared and Bob led them wonderfully.