The Electric Hairdo

By Jasmine, Ciera, Antaniesha, Lawrence, Kindall, Pamela, Tameka, Meadowbrook
That's Weird, Grandma

Once there were two men who were born in France and grew up in China. Their names were Francois and Brucois. Their parents Swallo and Dallo died in a car accident so Franncois and his brother moved to China to open a beauty shop called “picture in your head.” They lived in a trailer and take their equipment place to place. One day two women walked into the beauty shop and asked “What you got here going on?” They said “Just a hair shop going on. You check it out yourself.” Silly Lu and Bibi Lu sat down in the chairs and said “Get to working.” “This will not hurt” said Brucois. They fell asleep and saw pictures of hairdos in their head. They had electrics running through their head. But he machine broke. In two pieces. They couldn’t get the wires off. And the pictures were stuck in their head. “I’m gonna tell the whole town that your business should go out of business. I’m gonna report this to city hall.”  They got their money back. THE END