Kid’s Day

By Emma, Loyola Park After School Program
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

Last year at my school on kids day (wich is usally the worst day of my life.) I was hot and every game I playing I didn’t get a prize except for a lame necklace I got Just because I played a game. Then I went to the piñata it was our turn to hit the piñata I knew something bad was going to happen like the year before when me and a girl in my class were looking for our teacher every where in the school and it turned out she was outside the whole time and we missed the piñata and didn’t get any candy except for the left overs that people didn’t like (wich I didnn’t like either.) so I knew something bad was going to happen and I was right! It started out when we all lined up (behind the line so we wouldn’t get hurt) and I was in the middle so I knew someone was gonna hit it and break it before I would even get a chance and so a kid named Jack in my class hit it nothing happened then this really chubby, short, strong tomboy in my class got up there and the stick was really long and before I knew it she hit the stick to the piñatas, the stick broke in half and come flying and hit me in the head!
My teacher caught me just before I hit the ground and rushed me into the office we kept on trying to call my mom but we could not reach her so they almost had to take me to the ambulyence but we finnaly she ansered her phone and came to pick me up and that night I went to the Hospital to get it glued together.