Santa’s Mean Day

By Devonte V., 3rd Grade, Reavis Academy
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When Santa woke up, he was shocked to see four other people dressed just like him. He was so mad that he had to put his name on the bad list. The elf was shocked at him, that he put his name on the bad list. The elfs ask Santa, why is you so mean today? He said I am so mad you better get away from me before I put your name on the bad list. The elfs left so fast smoke came behind them. They said I wish Santa was not mean today. Then of on the elfs said I got it. We can throw a not mean party. Everybody can come and tell Santa do not be mean. We can have milk and cookies for snacks because Santa loves milk and cookies. then we can get the things to put up. Then we can put up Santa’s favorite game. And then Santa came down stairs. Then everybody said Surprise and I love you. THE END.