Monster’s Belly

By Dominic R, Dixon Elementary

Setting: Monster’s Belly
Characters: Prince and Prince the Singer

P: How did we get trapped in the monster?
PS: Because my concert is in the monster’s belly and it’s sold out.
PL How do you control the monster?
PS: Every time I sing. I can make the monster do what I want. (singing)
P: How many people can fit in the monster?
PS: 15 people. But we’re going to stuff in 25. It’s going to be crowded.
P: NOO!! That will not work it will be too many people and the monster might get hurt.
PS: OK OK You’re a party pooper. But you’re right. 15 people will be fine.
P: Okey-dokey
P: Oh know you lied 25 people too much to crowded help!!!!
PS: (Ha Ha Ha Ha) I win
P: Help!!! (again)