The Butler

By DJ, Danny, Michaevion, and Sarah, Ravenswood Youth Guidance/BOM Summer Program

Once in a Mega Mansion in La, there were 2 Migos, Quevo and Offset. They were filming the video Stirfry. The Butler was getting drinks because their voices were dry from singing all day. Quevo and Offset began drinking the drink the Butler made, but it was nasty. The drink had a small bee in it, and it was bland with no taste, and it smelled like molding cheese. They spit the drink out back into the cup. They went and found the butler and poured the nasty drink on him. The Butler felt disrespected, he didn’t like smelling bad. He was raging. He smashed a glass on the floor and yelled “I quit!” They went back to filming but realized they couldn’t do it without the Butler because he was the camera guy too. So they hired a Manager so he could record the video. The next night they didn’t sleep well because they were thinking about what happened with the Butler. So they woke up, hired the Butler, apologized, and paid him $10,000. The End.