The Breakin Phone

By Michelle, Chalmers School of Excellence

One day I got a pink phone because my dad said if I get all A B on my report card I get a phone. So my dad buy me a phone. Then one day I went with my friends lil mama, duk duk, and Tamika and we were playing tag and when I were running from my friend lil mama my phone drop out my coat and it break and it crack like boom boom. Then I told my dad what had happened and I told him when I told him I feel scared because I thought that he was to be like a bear mad at me because he spent 300 dollars a lot of money. But he was not mad at me he told me he was going to buy me a new phone. I were very happy like someone that got a lot of money. Then I went back and playing with my friends lil mama, duk duk, and Tamika. The End.