The Girl and The Panda

By Ava, Julia, Preston, Caitlin, 4th Grade, Cherokee Elementary

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily who wanted a red panda stuffed animal. She was at the store and her parents were shopping for tennis balls for their tennis tournament. She saw the red panda stuffed animal & asked her parents for it. They said “You don’t need another, you already have too many.” “You can have one of the tennis balls we are getting.” She throws it on the ground because she was so mad. It bounces and breaks a light. She storms off. She goes into the parking lot and gets lost. She sees a sign for a red panda in another store. She finds two $5 bills in the street and uses it to buy the stuffed panda. Her parents find her and yell at her for going behind their back. Then they return it. They say they didn’t buy it for her because they’re saving for a flight for the tennis tournament. A week later at the tennis tournament in Florida, her parents win! They use some of their prize money to get Lilly the panda. She is so excited that she faints. The End.