The Car Insurance Big Accident (Fart)

By Fernando, Michael, Jealiyah, Noah, Kayleen, Diego, David , 4th Grade, Erie Charter School

Once, Geico, un tigre lived in Nueva York en un Pizza Shop. Estaba viviendo y dice “Chomp chomp” a un giraffe, Diego. Then Diego rubbed his hands together and said “I wonder why it smells so bad?” Then another tigre comes to fight Geico for the Giraffe. They were two knights wearing armor and they took the armor to battle against each other. They fight for five days and then Geico got bit in the leg but in the end, Fernando came into the pizza shop with a giant Fart and weakened them. They all fell to the floor and they can’t breathe. They said “The fart is like an evil spirit.” In the very end he tried to escape the fart, but can’t make it so they covered their nose and stole a car. (Geico’s car - which saved him 15% or more on car insurance.) The End.