The Unknown Granddaughter

By Rayana, Dixon Elementary School

One day two grandparents John and Michelle Townerson wanted to look through pictures because they were getting old and wanted to remember memories. SO as they looked through pictures they came across a picture of their daughter Melinda and her husband Kyle Bollywood and their three children, one boy and two twins. The Townersons only knew about two of the grandchildren, the boy Kyle Jr. and one twin Jayla. The other twin looked creepy. “Who is this?” John said. “I don’t know, let’s call Melinda,” Michelle replied. “Hello Melinda this is your mother do you have twins?” “No Mom, at work, gotta go” Melinda said. “Then who is it!?” A girl from behind popped up behind them and startled them. “Ahh! Wait she looks like the girl in the picture!” “HI, I’M KONNY. My Mom said you can come over.” The two grandparents had a heart attack and died and the next family that moved in faced the photo terror also. THE END