The Princess’ Sleepover

By By Alveta M. & Tashay M., 4th Grade, Chalmers Elementary
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006

Characers: Princess Tashay (PT), Princess Alveta (PA)
Settings: castle

PT: I am inviting all of my princess friends to the castle for my sleepover.
PA: Princess Tashay we have to make our invitation for all the princesses of the world except the dangerous one.
PT: I am going to mail these invitations.
PA: Did you make a mistake and invite the dangerous princess?
PT: Yes. ****
PA: Today is the day of our party.  Let’s get ready.  A princess is at the door.
PT: oh no it is the mean one.
PT: let’s vanish her with our powers.
PA: Now she is gone forever.
PT: Let’s finish having our party.
PA: First let’s go to the ball and set up the party.
PT: Okay.