The Race

By Dorian W., South Loop School
Songs That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues Wilmette 2008

Once upon a time there was a man named Truman.  And he was joining the Big Race finals to win $300.  When he was practicing he run 5 miles a day.  When he run home he took his dog out and ran with his dog.  His dog was named Ace.  His dog was really nice and could run so fast.  He was the fastest dog in the whole world.
Truman was a gym teacher.  When he went to gym class he taught them to run 6 miles & he ran with them.  Truman taught at junior high.  The big race was in one more week.  One more week to practice.  When he got home he ran 10 blocks and went to the store, too.  His friend was competing in the race.  He was the fastest in Kansas City.  He ran for two days.  He ran from Kansas City to Memphis, TN.  The race was in three more days.  He asked Truman to practice.  They ran from Kansas City to Chicago. 
The race was tomorrow.  When Truman practiced, he tried so hard he thought he could beat his friend, Laslo.  “Today is the Race.” Said Laslo on the phone to his friend, Truman.
After Truman ate breakfast he took his dog out and ran.  The race was 2 hours when the race was about to start, Truman took his dog to his son’s house.  No dogs were allowed.
1 hour to the race.  Truman was very mad because his friend Laslo was making fun of him because he was slow.  Truman’s Dad knows Laslo’s dad.  Laslo’s dad knew that he was a cheater.
The race was about to begin.  They had to go from Kansas City to Sacramento.  The race started at one o’clock.  They had to run for 7 hours.  Truman and Laslo were in the lead. 
They made it to Denver.  Laslo had a plan to cheat.  He tripped Truman.  Truman fell into a sack and got tied up.  He didn’t have a cell, so he couldn’t call the police.
Laslo stopped at a restaurant named the 4 Aces.