The Servant’s Skills

By Takeyha B., 4th Grade, Chalmers School
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Once upon a time was a man named Jack, Jack right. He was the King’s server. The king was so mean to the server the King forgot his name. So one day jack was cooking the king dinner and he was thinking about what the king did to him all his life. Then he got an idea. The idea was he was going to put poison in his food. So he went in the back of the living room where the back door was and got some Swan that you clean the sink out with for unclogging. So he poured a lot in his food and mixed it around so he could not see the Swan. Then when the food was ready he went upstairs. The king started eating and said, “it was good.” Then a few hours later he was dead. The server take the dead body and bury it. But the server wasn’t done yet. He had to clean up the finger prints that he left. So the next day the expert came they were investigators. They know that there was a problem because the neighbors saw a person with a shirt with blood all over it. So the men went into the house and started looking around but they could not find anything so they went to the yard in the back of the house. The man came back and saw that the two men was in the yard and he hurried back there and ask them to come have some tea. They talked and talked until the server fell asleep.

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