The Snow Day

By Latoya B., Henry Suder School
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was two kids there name was Cherry and Coconut they wish it snow were they lives it never snow.  It just rained all the time and it was December the 23, 2001 two more days and two New Year day and it was this tree.  It was a Oak Tree it had magic if you touch it will come alive and you can only get three wish and Cherry she made one her wish was it Will it snow and her sister Coconut she had a wish that she get some new shoes but she was so mean and she saw the tree again and it had talk to Cherry but Coconut she focused on herself she did not have time for her sister but one night she heard something in the yard and it was a cat so she went outside to see what it was and she had look up and saw a shooting star and the tree had said make a wish and she had said I wish it will snow and the next day she looked out the window and she had saw snow and Coconut had said so I want my shoes Cherry had said be quiet and let’s go out and thank the talking tree and play outside and lets build a snow man and let’s go and tell the whole town and let’s go and buy some new shoes and some new coats and sock’s and some gloves and some hot chocolates and rent some movies.