The Tree Branch on the House with the Chinese People

By Salina T., Stockton Elementary

There were a million people in China Town in China.  They were in a rush.  An Emperor named Naruko lived in a jacked up apartment.  He decided that he is going to jump on people’s roofs and steal everything and the deed to their houses.  He owned everyone.  At night he went to a house with about 10,000 people in it.  It looked small but he didn’t care.  So he went down the chimney.  He saw fire.  He burned his butt.  He didn’t care as long as he has the deed to everyone house in China.  He went to each room and took everything.  Even someone’s retaner.  The house was haunted.  Ghosts were haunting him for the rest of his life.  The house with a branch on it was haunting Emperor Naruko for ever.

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