Untitled (There Was Nothing)

By Giovanny M., 4th Grade, Seward School
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I remember that I went to my friends house then I got happy cause we watched a movie and we talked to each other that made me happy, and I was sad cause one day I never went back to his house cause we moved to a other house and I never got to see my friend again.  Once I was happy that we went to the park and we played so much and one day I was sad cause we never got to play in the park again.  I remember too that once I rode my bike and I had fun and I could ride past and I was happy but one day I was gonna ride my bike outside then there was nothing so I started to cry.  So now I can not ride my bike any more and now I don’t have nothing to do in my house just watch the t.v. and once I had playstation 2 but we went to our house we looked all over it and there was nothing so then I got so so sad and cry. And when I moved I went to a new school and I made new friends so I got happy cause I made new friends. And I had a hamster and one day I play with my hamster and a other day he die and I got sad and cried. And I liked my uncle and he died. I miss all of the once that died and I mist all of them and I am sad.

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