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By Araya C, 3rd Grade, Gale School
That's Weird, Grandma Celebration of Authors COA 2007

Once there was two scientist named Alex and Chris and they were building vases for people and they made 8 vases for people and they call the people to deliver the vases to other people’s house but the people have to keep there babies away from the vases because the babies will brake them and if your baby would crawl or walk you would have to move your baby cause baby would cut there selfs on there hand or feet that is why you need to keep you baby way from glass and if you have a baby at you house keep it away from your vase or just get a taller table so your baby can’t break your beautiful vase and watch out for your baby ok. Cause little kids the age of 5 or7 don’t let them touch your vase and babies under the age of 1 months to 8 months Don’t let them touch your stuff or else they will brake your stuff so you need to watch out for your babies.

Untitled (Twins)

By Ninfa L, 4th Grade, Seward School
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there were two girls that were twins. And they were princesses. Because the two girls were Candy, Dandy are sisters that they both are the daughters of the King and Queen.

The two of the girls were really mean and the servant always clean their mess when their father tell them to clean the room. The servant had to do the work but the two sisters pay 20 bucks for cleaning their room that the servant live happy because he would get 1,000 bucks from the king and queen

The End.

Three Day College

By Cedric T, 7th Grade, Loyola Park After School Program
That's Weird, Grandma Celebration of Authors COA 2007

Are you not good for college?  And your mom told you to go find a job?  Well head on to 3 day college!  Where you learn for 3 days and move all your stuff out again.  For only $1,000 dollars you will learn a hour a day and don’t do nothing for the rest of the day.  3 Day college is only good for 3 days. Don’t complain because you cant always have it your way!! Lists are filling up NOW!! CALL TODAY CALL 1251-3067

The Treasure Hunt

By Sydney B., 6th Grade, Loyola Park After School Program
That's Weird, Grandma

There once was a doctor who was helping a family find a treasure.  He was knocking at the wall to find it.  He finally found where it was but had to cut a hole in the wall the sister Tanina said, “what is the treasure” the mom (Kiki) and dad (Fezan) said “it is a surprise” her older sister said “is it money, food, a bowling alley”  The brother said “is it a talking blue guitar, farting dog, or a talking soup can.”  The doctor butted in after that and said it was an ancient Chinese tomb that could bring you anything you want.

The Cow That’s a Statue

By Thelma P, Loyola Park After School Program
Songs Monkeys Come Alive That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006

One a pan a time 1 big family live in China they need to look out on the cows and bulls.  One day they were countin them and one cow was missing they will lost there job if they don’t find the cow.  One day the little girl find the cow but the cow was like a statue.  The yougs girl have an idea the take a bath and the plan work.  The plan was to make a bath tub for the cow and they take a bath too.

The Cereal Bandit

By Galen Y., Hough Street School
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

Hello my name is Ryan and this morning when I was eating my cereal I turned my back and when I turned back all my cereal was all over the table.  As you already know my name is Ryan but what I really need help with is to find out who dumped my cereal all over the table!  Do you think you can help?  Well then. Let’s get to work. Here’s what I know.  I woke up this morning very hungry so I went in the kitchen and asked for breakfast My dad said how about cheerios I pointed (that means O.K.) as my dad poured the milk he said mm good eats, My sister Riley asked me for a tiny bite, and my brother Chase well he can’t talk so I guess he can’t be the bandit. My mom loves cheerios. Maybe it was her? But I can’t say it was first, need all the information!

The Case of the Hot Groom

By Nana, Loyola Park AFter School Program
Songs That's Weird, Grandma

Once there was a hot groom named Michael Robinson.  The hot part does not mean he looked good it means if you kiss or hugged him you will burn.  One day the lady he was dating proposed to him. He accepted it so when they got married the minister said you may kiss the bride then the lady’s whole entire front side was burned.  The detective figured out he was a hot groom.  Case Closed.

The Biggest Fight Ever

By Richard R., 4th Grade, Grover Cleveland Elementary
Songs That's Weird, Grandma Celebration of Authors COA 2007 Other Venues Wilmette 2008

One day somebody trip somebody next the other person hit him. Next somebody hit him and the fight began. Next somebody hit him so hard that he started too bleed he got so mad that he farted like a bomb KaBoom! Everybody came out from the house and the fight continue. Next the mayor, the cops, came everybody went to the ground and next somebody told the person who farted to fart again so he did kaboom! The cops and the mayor said oh my god. They mayor, the cops went to the ground the people who fighted were arrested the mayor, cops and everybody escape. And they never fighted again.

The end

The Bear with Steel Wings Tells About Opposite Day

By Deamond D., Imani T., Charles S., Alexandra J., Jocelyn H., 3rd Grade, Harold Washington School
That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues Storefront 2002

Once upon a time there were two boys named Patrick and Sponge Bob. They were walking in a walking park. They saw a museum that said “Free.” They looked up into the sky and saw a flying pink bear with steel wings. They said, “Hey Pinky, get down from here!” Then Pinky flies down and says, “Hi. Have you ever heard of opposite day?” Patrick said, “yeah.” Then Pinky tells them all about opposite day. “When is opposite day?” “Opposite day is February 6th.” And they all went to Pinky’s cave.

Talking Bird, Pretty Girl

By Thalia P., N/A
That's Weird, Grandma

One day there was a girl that own her own bird that talk so one day she told her bird that one friend of her’s is coming and the bird said ok. The next day the girl knock on the door, so her friend open it and said what a pretty house and the bird saw her friend.  The bird said thank you and then she said it talks and her friend said yes and she said oh! So after a few hours the bird started saying to his owner’s friend hey babe want to marry me and her friend said no you’re ugly and you’re an animal and animals and humans can’t marry animals.  So the bird was sad and said but you’re so so so pretty and then said but I like you and I don’t want you to hate me so then he said just friends only friends and she said let me think about it and then said ok and the girl and the bird became friends!

The End.